How Can You Save Money with A Gas Fireplace Insert?

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Possessing a classic fireplace in your home is a wonderful thing – nothing is more atmospheric, nothing confers your room more inviting coziness and comfort than a large, masonry fireplace. However, operating a classic fireplace is more than expensive, that is why many people, including homeowners who have or who do not have masonry fireplaces in their home, opt for fireplace inserts.

A fireplace insert is practically a box made from a fireproof material and insulation and that comes in varieties that can run on a variety of energy sources, depending on the fuel type it has been designed for. The most common type of units used today are gas fireplace inserts – Denver homeowners consider these inserts to be the best option for a number of reasons, one of them being the energy efficiency that translates into money savings. Here is how you can save money with your gas fireplace insert.

The Process of Burning Gas

Gas burning fireplace inserts are very efficient and able to transform around 80% of the energy used into heating your room. The heat delivered by fireplaces can be measured in the several different standard units, one of the most common units of measurement being BTUs (British Thermal Units). Average gas-burning fireplace inserts deliver 25,000-40,000 BTUs – calculating with 20 GTUs needed for heating 1 square foot, an insert able to deliver average capacity is able to efficiently heat 1,250-2,000 square feet of space, quite a lot and certainly more than a traditional log-burning fireplace would be able to put out.

When you buy your gas insert, talk to local gas fireplace inserts Denver retailers and obtain information about the unit’s energy needs. If you check the figures and do multiply the unit’s consumption figures by the price of gas in your area, you will see that your insert is an excellent partner in your energy saving efforts.


Another feature that makes the fireplaces that run on gas so great for your budget is the fact that they are very durable and long lived. A good, sturdy insert is composed of very few components that could sustain damage, so you will be able to enjoy the cozy warmth delivered by your fireplace for a long, long time. The unit’s durability and resilience also means that you will probably not need to spend too much money on getting your unit repaired for the entire lifespan of the appliance.

Low Maintenance

The fact that your gas fireplace insert is made up from very few components that could go wrong also means that the appliance will require very little maintenance. One of the components that we all need some of your attention occasionally is the set of gas nozzles that may become clogged with the impurities that inevitably make their way into the appliance. The other thing that you need to pay attention to is the gas sensor that signals if something is wrong with the appliance and gas is leaking. These sensors are usually battery-operated, which means that the battery needs to be checked regularly and replaced if necessary. To make sure that everything is in perfect order with your gas insert it is a good idea to call a local specialist for checking the appliance each year before you start using it, but these services are very affordable and gas inserts being such resilient appliances, your specialist isn’t likely to find any fault to fix.