Underground Cable Locators – Why, When and How to Hire Them

The term underground cable locators is equally used for the devices employed for identifying buried utility lines and cables as well as for the companies and the experts that perform the identification with the help of location devices. In what follows, you can read about the benefits of underground locating cables and pipes and about when and how you can hire the right professionals.

Why Hire Professional Underground Cable Locators

Locator companies work with technicians who are familiar with using even the most complex location technologies and are able to interpret the results returned by location devices accurately. They will also use the best solution to identify sub-service utilities – you must know that not all devices are able to locate any type of cables or utilities, some are suitable only for electric and communication cables, others only for metal, while the most advanced devices can locate all sorts of utilities, including concrete and plastic lines and it takes knowledge and experience to know which device should be used on your terrain.

When Hire an Underground Utility Location Service

The best time to hire Orange County utility locating company is in the pre-planning stage. It is recommended to perform the identification of buried lines and pipes prior to starting the architectural design because that way your architect can start working on your blueprints knowing exactly how to place the buildings and how to create the landscaping without interfering with buried structures.

If your blueprints are already finished, but you failed to perform the utility location, that is not a very big problem either, the important thing is to call a utility locator service prior to doing any excavation and digging. If you are lucky, your development plan can be executed as it is, without any major modifications, but if the locator company finds lines that are in conflict with your current plans, you will need to modify the plans before starting construction work.

How to Hire a Utility Locator Company

To be able to hire the best locator company, you need to look for a combination of experience, reliability and affordability. Just do a quick research online and you will find numerous locator services in your area. Continue your research by visiting their websites and check for descriptions of the services they provide, of the technologies they use as well as for testimonials. Check the reputation of the company visiting review and rating sites and online forums – you will be surprised how much useful information is provided there.

When you performed the background check, contact at least three companies for cost estimates. It is a good idea to invite company representatives to your construction site or property to give them a better idea of what they may find underneath. Get the cost estimate in writing before you hire the company – you can even draw up a contract with them for an even more detailed collaboration framework. Request a written report of their findings, too – you will need to show the results to your architect as well as to the civil engineer who is in charge of the construction.