What Are the Main Signs of a Roof That Needs to Be Replaced?

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In many instances, homeowners believe that repairing a roof is a better choice than replacing it entirely. After all, it’s cheaper, you don’t have to deal with that much hassle, and the whole project is over sooner. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out so easily, and there are a lot of cases when it’s usually best to just install a new roof altogether:

  1. Probably the main reason most roofs are replaced is age. The projected lifespan of a roof depends on the quality of its materials, the sturdiness of its construction and how well it can be upgraded and reinforced to prevent damage from setting in during storms, fires or even periods of intense sunlight. Projected lifespan can vary from 15-20 years for the cheapest asphalt roofs, to more than 100 years for a well-designed concrete or slate roofing system.
  2. When you buy a new home and the roof it has is not the proper one for the area, leaving it as it is can often lead to a lot of damages that will cost a lot of money to repair over even a short amount of time. Most experts recommend that you hire a roofer to learn about the best roofing materials for your area, and then aim for a complete re-roofing job with a better material.
  3. One or more leaks will not generally show whether or not a roof needs to be replaced. There are countless cases when an experienced roof repair Gaithersburg MD contractor can fix multiple leaks in just a few hours without them returning. Also, newer roofs are typically less affected by water damage, and their interior structure is more resilient than older ones. However. When typical repairs don’t tend to help much and new leaks keep springing up almost during each new storm, then you might want to consider having your roof replaced.
  4. Internal damage may also be an essential factor. Even for a newer roof that hasn’t been affected too badly by storms and hail, issues such as poor ventilation and condensation forming inside its interior structure – most especially the decking – can lead to mold and severe damage that needs to be repaired by removing at least part of the roof first. If the damage spreads to enough areas, it’s usually more practical to replace the entire roof altogether.
  5. Improper installation is an undesirable but very real issue that happens when homeowners hire an inexperienced or unskilled residential roofer to handle the installation of a new roof. In some cases, the installation work was so bad that the entire roof had to be scrapped and the project redone. This is just one of the reasons why it’s important to find the best roofing contractor for your money.

If you ask roofing and real estate experts, they’ll tell you that, whether you want to live in your home for decades to come or sell it for a profit, it’s typically best to consider hiring a roofer to tell you whether or not you should have your roof replaced or repaired. While keeping in mind the guidelines presented above, think about calling your friendly local roofing Gaithersburg contractor to provide you with a complete roof inspection and guide you on the best choice to make.