Your Home and How To Buy Flooring

Why Choose Vinyl Planks for Your Home and How to Buy Them from Vinyl Plank Flooring Companies

Vinyl planks are becoming more and more popular these days, used more and more not only in commercial or industrial environments, but in homes, too. Vinyl plank flooring companies have developed technologies that make it possible to create vinyl that perfectly replicates wood, stone and other expensive materials, so vinyl planks are nowadays used not only in bathrooms, basements, kitchens and garages, but in living rooms, halls and bedrooms as well.


Why Use Vinyl Planks in Your Home?

No wonder vinyl plank flooring is taking over the residential floor market by storm – it is an extraordinary solution with many benefits:

  • Variety – being made from colored PVC chips, vinyl floor planks can be stained and colored in infinite variations. Some vinyl plank flooring companies use an extra polyurethane layer to make the planks look like stone or wood,
  • Comfort – many vinyl floor planks have a layer of foam inside that serves the purpose of sound absorption and also confers a special kind of softness and warmth to the planks that makes the floor so comfortable to walk on,
  • Easy care – this is one of the features that made vinyl the preferred material for industrial and commercial flooring applications and it is what makes it so suitable for residential use as well. Cleaning and maintaining vinyl floors requires almost no effort whatsoever – you can sweep it, vacuum it, wash it with water and soap, vinyl really doesn’t require any special treatment,
  • Quick and easy installation – vinyl planks are made to click into one another easily and they can be installed simply by placing them on top of the existing flooring, so you don’t need to break and remove anything prior to mounting your new vinyl planks,
  • Affordability – vinyl planks look like wood or stone, but cost only a fraction of the price of natural flooring materials,
  • Durability – on the average, vinyl plank floors can resist for at least 15 years before showing any sign of aging or wear and tear. Vinyl planks can withstand rain, snow and strong sunshine as well, therefore the material is suitable for outdoor usage just as much for indoors.


How to Buy Vinyl Plank Flooring

Beside the color and pattern, there are a few technical details that you should pay attention to when buying vinyl flooring:

  • Make sure you choose material of the right thickness – the thickest vinyl is around 6.5 mm, while the thinnest varieties are around 1.5-2 mm thick. Thicker planks are more expensive, that’s true, but they also provide better insulation and are more durable,
  • Try to find plank flooring that is fitted with a special, super-durable protective top layer that the planks resistant against normal wear and tear, scratches, stains, even to being frequently walked in the most pointed heels.

Vinyl planks are nowadays available in conventional stores and at online vendors as well, so you can have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep without even having to leave the house.