Things to Ask Your Window Replacement Company

Window replacement is a substantial investment, especially if you are planning to replace multiple windows or if your windows are not standard size. The related costs include not only the price of the windows, but the labor fees charged by your window replacement company, so here are some questions to ask before you choose your Castle Rock provider of window replacement services to make sure that your receive the best craftsmanship.

Questions Related to Licenses and Insurance

You should only work with a Castle Rock window replacement contractor that is correctly licensed and insured, so don’t forget to ask to be shown copies of the relevant documents. Most states do not allow contractors who have not undergone the required licensing procedure to provide window replacement services and liability, workers’ compensation and property damage insurance are also mandatory in almost every state.

The Services Included

The process of window replacement involves more than just removing the old windows and fitting the new ones into the openings – window replacement is complete only when the wall around the new windows is finished, too and in many cases, the new frames also need to get painted. To avoid any misunderstandings and unexpected costs, ask the contractor about what their standard service includes, whether it includes finishing and painting or you will be required to pay for these additional services separately.

It is a good idea to discuss the fate of the old windows as well – the most comfortable way to handle that aspect is to choose a Castle Rock contractor that includes the handling of the disposal process into its rates.

Castle Rock window replacement

Recommended Products

You should be able to rely on your Castle Rock window replacement contractor for information regarding the brands and types of windows that work best for your building, so ask the specialist to tell you about the brands and product they work with and to tell you why specific products work or should be avoided in your case.

Questions about the Contractor’s Policy

Most good quality windows come with 20-year warranty for the glass and 10-year warranty for non-glass components, but beside the warranty offered on the product by the manufacturer, you also need your contractor to provide you warranty on the craftsmanship. The length of labor warranty depends on the contractor, so make sure to discuss the issue with the entrepreneur that you are planning to hire.

Questions about Permits

Some types of window replacement projects can be carried out only after having obtained a permit for the project first, others don’t require any permit. The category that your project belongs to depends on the building codes applicable in your area, so ask your window replacement contractor about the need to get permits, too. Not all window replacement contractors handle the process of getting the permits for you, so make sure to find out whether or not yours does. If the contractor does not take care of obtaining your permits and you are fine with that, ask for some guidance about how to proceed – any contractor should be familiar with the process.