How To Clean Your Roof

The roof influences very much the overall appearance of the building, so the choice of materials used to build or renovate it requires special attention, especially as the roof is also a fairly large investment. Shingles and tiles are now made from increasingly better materials and manufacturers offer long warranties. But what is often ignored is that the roof needs periodic maintenance and cleaning, just like any other building component, to remain in good shape. 

Why do you need to clean your roof?

  1. For aesthetic reasons

The first reason why you must consider cleaning your roof periodically has aesthetic considerations. Regardless the shape and architecture of your building, the roof plays an important role in the exterior design. It does not represent exclusively the element that protects the building, but it also visually influences its overall aspect.

We probably all know that distinct fresh and elegant air of a new building; a significant part of it is due to the vivid colors and shine of the roof. But time puts its mark on it; dust, mud and other debris accumulate on the roof, forming deposits that rain cannot wash completely. Some types of shingles are also prone to the development of moss and other vegetation. As such, the colors of the roof coating materials tend to change and fade over time.

  1. For practical reasons

Besides being unsightly, a dirty roof develops other vulnerabilities that will decrease its lifespan.  Dirt and biological factors may allow serious damage to shingles and the entire roof system. Moss and algae fill the spaces between shingles and tiles, allowing moisture and, eventually, leaks. Dirt also absorbs water and prevents its natural drainage through the gutters, allowing the development of harmful bacteria that you do not want around the house.

Many roofs are built not only to protect, but also to provide thermal insulation for the buildings. If they are covered by dirt, moss or algae, they lose much of this ability.

Centennial rrofing company

How to clean a roof

Centennial roofing company specialists recommend to clean the roof annually, to remove leaves and other debris Attentions should also be given to the gutters and downspouts. If they get clogged because of dry leaves, ice etc., you may experience leaks and also witness the apparition of corrosion. For this reason, it is advisable to include the roof cleaning operation in your annual maintenance schedule.

The surface of the roof should be cleaned with a soft brush and pressurized water (at a low pressure level, to avoid damaging shingles granulations and other protective layers). Use organic detergents, to prevent damaging the roof coating materials and the vegetation around the house.

Periodic cleaning and maintenance of the roof involves lower costs than replacing it. Use professional cleaning services and you will not have to worry about doing this operation on your own or affecting the structure of the roof.

What does a professional roof cleaner offer?

  • eradication of algae, moss, mildew, lichens, and bacteria
  • cleaning dust, mud, smog, soot
  • cleaning the drainage system
  • cleaning dirt and debris fallen around the building
  • protecting the vegetation from the action of chemical agents used to clean the roof