The Top Trends in Roofing that Improve Your Home’s Street Appeal

Trends in the development of today’s roofing systems show the efforts made to establish a balance between energy efficiency and environmentally friendly concepts, on the one hand, and aesthetics, on the other. Regarding this year’s roofing trends ( which are expected to last in the coming years!), these are the most important aspects:

  1. Color is critical

This year, when you choose the color for your roof cover, the inspiration comes from nature.

Blue can be a good choice – a soothing color that evokes the ocean. No matter how the shadow falls on the roof, choose blue if you want to create the impression of serenity. Or you can opt for dark gray, a sophisticated and contemporary color. Consider combining gray with a contrasting color, for a dramatic effect.

As general advice, a good roofer Houston TX contractor suggests that when you want a new color for your roof, take into account the exterior design elements, starting from the color of the walls and up to the shades of the surrounding landscape. Also, do not forget to consider the color of the neighboring roofs! It is important to take into account the aesthetic rules of your area. To maintain the chromatic harmony, choose a shade that does not stand out too much or disturbs visually. This does not mean that you cannot show your personality by choosing an original design that will make the difference you want.

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  1. Environmentally friendly is beautiful

The importance of eco-friendly products and practices is growing, so it is desirable to turn to sustainable construction and achieve complete harmony from the inside out, up to the roof, through environmentally friendly practices.

The beginning of this new century reveals an increasingly obvious ecological trend in most areas. Significantly developed in the automotive industry in recent years, this trend is slowly but surely embracing the construction industry. And what part of a building can be easier to adapt to the new ecological trends than the roof? Turning to eco-friendly roofing materials is a very responsible attitude these days, not to mention that there are several such solutions that will help you improve your home`s street appeal.

Green roofs are one of the best examples, if not the best.

With the development of a broader vision of sustainability, it is important to remember that, from the point of view of the construction life cycle, the environmental impact of any building comes from energy consumption and the use of renewable and sustainable materials.

Green roofs go beyond the significance of contemporary architecture and add new value to the role of buildings in urban planning.

They are designed not only to bring the natural element back to the urban environment, but also to provide solutions to important problems such as the “urban thermal island” effect and storm water management.

Solar panels and, more recently, solar tiles are other solutions that will improve your home`s street appeal, if you combine them with a roof with modern architecture. Solar roofs are expected to become increasingly popular and power the buildings of the future.