Best Roof Styles for Modern Homes

Littleton roofing contractors

A modern home style can be obtained with both sloped and flat roofs. Modern approaches to the new constructions and materials for the creation of roofs make it possible now to successfully implement spectacular and unusual projects, including in the case of residential buildings with different styles.

Flat roofs today are no longer associated only with commercial buildings, but also with the ultra-modern geometric design of new residential buildings.

More and more owners appreciate the fact that they can enjoy the luxury of functional fashion, while remaining ecological, by opting for green roofs. These roofs can be easily installed on flat roofs and there are many benefits of such an eco-renovation: the creation of mini-ecosystems in urban areas, reducing pollution and the effect of urban heat island, increasing energy efficiency, providing protection against noise and water infiltrations etc.

In the past, the main goal of green roof projects was the integration of water management efficiency and of some elements that help achieve increased energy efficiency. Nowadays, the trend is to design green roofs suitable also for leisure activities.

In the case of sloped roofs, Littleton roofing contractors substantiate that the variety of materials existing nowadays on the market offer many solutions for creating roof designs for modern homes. In addition to the wide range of colors, there is also a rich palette of textures and coatings, which provides stability and style. Available in various shapes and 100% accessorized with matching accessories, premium roof systems have a superior design.

The color chosen for the roof of a modern home must also be in trend, so it can go both in strong shades and in grays appropriate to the industrial style used by avant-garde designers.

Solar tiles represent a category of very new roofing materials that will be developed and improved in the future. They are expected to revolutionize the roofing industry, being the latest option for modern homes. A solar tile is actually a photovoltaic module, embedded in a tile shape, made of classic materials and standard sizes. Solar tiles can replace not just traditional roofing materials, but also the photovoltaic panels.

Types of sloped roofs suitable for modern homes:

  • Single-slope roofs

A single-slope roof can be used to create an ultra-modern look of the house. You can imagine this type of roof as half of a gabled roof or as a flat roof that was slightly sloped. It allows an opening of the facade to the sunny areas and reduces the exposure on the opposite facade.

It is good to remember that such roofing requires additional thermal insulation and is not very suitable for areas prone to strong winds.

A popular option at the moment is to use single-slope roofs for houses built on several levels, in order to obtain more interesting and unique designs.

  • Roofs with complex shapes

The complex-shaped roof is a combination of two or more roofs. They are usually created to complete constructions with a unique shape. So, if you appreciate diversity and complexity, this type of roof can be another great choice for a modern home.